About DJ Prof

Just another DJ, trying to change the world; one mix at a time.

I grew up on all the classics, 50's, 60's, Motown, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Classic Rock, Hip-Hop and electronica. Over the decades I have carefully curated an ever expanding and extensive collection of music that spans all genres, generations, and styles.

I have been a professional DJ for over a decade and have had the priviledge to provide music and event Facilitation, planning, and consultation to over 500 weddings, private and corporate events. I am known for my ability to "genre Jump" while keeping things smooth, interesting and fresh. 

Recently in addition TO being a full time DJ for Lovesick Inc I have been working with First Person Arts via WHYY to provide music for their Story Slams and have been known to make surprise appearances on GTOWN Radio.

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